Sofia’s Disney Dream Come True…


In late September or early October, Brandy & John told us they were going to take a trip to Disney World and asked us if we wanted to come with them in January. We were really excited to even think about making the trip again as we had so much fun when we came with Libby & Bill and their kids a few years ago. There is nothing like seeing Disney through the eyes of a young child so we said yes. Sofia made a paper chain of how many days until she got to go to Disney and started the countdown. It is so hard for a 3 year old to tell when January is. The big day finally got here and they got to our house around 7:00am. Sofia had her Disney bag all packed and she looked so cute. She was so excited about her very first plane ride too. When we got to the airport she pulled her little Disney Princess bag behind her like such a big girl through the airport and on to the plane. Libby had bought her a book with an etch-a-sketch attached for the trip and she got that out and had tons of fun with that on the way to Atlanta. She was so good the whole way, and was excited about the plane ride. In Atlanta she pulled her suitcase and kept a step or two ahead of us like she knew where she was! Ha We only had about an hour layover there and got on the plane to Orlando. We couldn’t get into their condo until Saturday around 2:00 so after arriving in Orlando we picked up our rental car and headed to Aunt Peggy’s house to visit with them and spend the night over there. We got to Peggy & Harry’s early evening and saw their house and visited, had dinner. Peggy had fixed a Baklava that Tony said was soooo good!  Peggy had a gift bag full of princess stuff for Sofia and a little stool with her name on it for her to play with. She really liked that stool and carried it around. Then went to a hotel for the evening. They sure have a nice place and it had been a while since we had seen them so it sure was good to get a hug and visit with them. Tony & I are going back to see them on Wednesday. They live in a very nice neighborhood it is close to everything but quiet too. Lots of pretty trees and friendly neighbors around.


We got up and went to McDonalds to eat some breakfast before going back to visit a little more with Aunt Peggy & Uncle Harry, & Harry III.  Peggy had made a blueberry pie that everyone dove into. Brandy and Sofia LOVE blueberries, so that was a big hit. Around noon we were off to head to Disney. We stopped along the way and bought some fresh oranges that Aunt Peggy had told us was good, (and they are wonderful). Then stopped at a grocery store to get some things for the condo. Sofia got tired along the way and fell asleep, and when she woke up we were at the resort here in Disney. It is called Old Key West. It looks very tropical and our condo is beautiful. It is like having a house! We put our things away and caught a bus across the street that took us to the Magic Kingdom!! Sofia was getting more and more excited as we drove towards the Kingdom. Her first glimpse of the big Epcot ball she exclaimed “WE’RE IN DISNEYWORLD!!” Ha It was so exciting to just see her little face light up, until I looked up at Brandy’s and her face was even more so! HaHa Sofia’s first look at Cinderella’s castle was a magical moment. She looked shocked to actually see it for real, then she smiled really big. We got lucky and the electric light parade was starting soon so she got to see that along with some fireworks. We headed home after that and plan another big day tomorrow.

Brandys Jan 23,24 007.JPG         Brandys Jan 23,24 008.JPG

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Brandys Jan 23,24 058.JPG Brandys Jan 23,24 059.JPG

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The two pictures above are of Aunt Peggy putting a hat and gloves on Sofia. The had belonged to Sofia’s Great, Great, Great, Grandmother Mama Robinson. And the gloves were Sofia’s Great, Great Grandmother Bessie’s. She looked so adorable trying them on!

Jan 23,24 048.JPG Jan 23,24 049.JPG Jan 23,24 050.JPG Sofia showing her Snow White costume.

Jan 23,24 057.JPG Brandys Jan 23,24 072.JPG Sofia’s first glimpse of Disney World!

Brandys Jan 23,24 078.JPG

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