Sofia’s Perfect Day at the Magic Kingdom!


We started the day out today with Tony and I going in to wake Sofia up for her big first full day at the Magic Kingdom. It was a little unusual for us to wake up before her, so you can guess who was more excited! We climbed into bed with her and spent some time snuggling and talking about what we were going to see. We had breakfast and Sofia got all dressed up in her Snow White costume. She looked adorable. We walked over to our bus stop and other people at the bus stop were all telling her how beautiful she was. She had an appointment at the Bippity Bobbity Boutique to get a magical makeover inside Cinderella’s Castle. Rhonda her fairy godmother did her hair, makeup, and fingernails. It was truly the most magical thing Disney has to offer for little girls. They are pampered and treated like a princess going to a ball. She was so cute and I think in awe.

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After her boutique experience we headed off to the “It’s a Small World Ride” and from there to Dumbo’s ride, and the Teacups.

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Sofia was so happy all day long and so well behaved. It was so much fun to see Disneyworld through her eyes! She was awestruck when she got to see all the Princesses. She had an autograph book that each one signed for her. They each took some time to talk to her and she was truly “speechless”! Ha She saw Cinderella first, then Belle, and Sleeping Beauty. After that we went to Minnie Mouses House and Mickey’s house where she got to see both of them.

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It was a very long day and our little princess was getting tired but didn’t want to show it because she was still having so much fun. We headed back to the hotel and almost lost her to sleep, but she held on for dinner. She had a burger and veggies, she offered carrots and celery to each one of us and ate most of those and her apples.

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Then the perfect ending to the perfect day, today her life was a bowl full of cherries!

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