Sofia’s EPCOT Adventure!


Today we headed off for Epcot. Sofia was so excited to see the “Big Golf Ball”! Our first ride was inside the big ball. She liked that ride. Then we headed for a Nemo ride where we rode in “Clamshells”. She really liked that one too. Then we started our tour around the world. At the first stop she got a passport to be stamped in each country that she visited. They also gave her a mask that had a stick on it. She colored the mask and then they stamped on the stick and tied a little paper animal to it. She collected one in each country. Our first stop was Canada, then on to Great Britain, while we were there we stopped and bought one fish and chips plate and all of us shared it. It was really good too. Then on to France where we had a croissant and crème brule.  Next was Japan, Morocco, the U.S., where we had ice cream. After that came Italy and we got cannoli’s , gelato and chocolate covered strawberries. At the Germany pavilion we had a brat with sour kraut. China was next, then Norway where we got a pastry. Mexico was last and we got a churro. Tony was eating it when a big bird flew up from behind him, hovered over his head then plucked that churro right out of his hand!! That was the end of the eating around the world. Most of the other rides here were too old for Sofia so we called it a day and headed home. When we got back  we went to the pool. Sofia went down the big waterslide all by herself! She liked the pool a lot. We got a drink, then headed back as we were all tired. Sofia stayed with us while John and Brandy went out for dinner. We had sandwiches and some of the fresh fruit and veggies that we got here. It was a very fun day and we can’t wait until tomorrow to go to the Animal Kingdom.

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