Sofia’s Safari at the Animal Kingdom


Brandy wrote:

Sofia’s first safari adventure started off on a good note by having a bus pulling up to the bus stop right as we walked out to start our day. We got on and shortly arrived at the Animal Kingdom. We were all very excited to see the Tree of Life.  It is so spectacular that words are hard to describe the detail and imagination that went into creating such a beautiful tree.

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Along the way we stopped and looked at lots of creatures, some creepy crawly, like the tarantulas, and some beautiful like the Macaw’s. Sofia really enjoyed seeing them all. We went into a show called A bug’s life. It is a 3-D show that makes you feel like the bugs are spitting on you or throwing things at you or that they are crawling under you. It was really cool.  We all had to wear 3-D glasses that made us honorary bugs for the day which Sofia really liked until the mean scary grasshopper came on to try to get us! She was a little scared of that, but quickly got over it when we went on our Safari ride to see all the animals.

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It was truly amazing being up close to the animals in the Safari ride they really made you feel like you were in Africa. You can’t get the same feeling just going to the zoo.  After we finished our ride we continued on to the petting area and Sofia got to see a few more animals close up and got Pocahontas’s signature. She then of course wanted to be Pocahontas! She also got to get Goofy’s signature as we made our way to the Tusker House where we had a buffet lunch of African style cuisine. It was pretty good but the best part was we got reserved seats for the Finding Nemo Musical! We had a little while before the musical started so we let Sofia play in the Dino Land area. She had gotten a Pluto hat on the way to Dino Land that she had been asking for and John finally found. She loves this hat and it is very tough to get it off of her now! John had to hold it while she dug up dino bones because she did not want to get it dirty. We made our way to the Finding Nemo Musical and went right in and sat down right in front! It was great! Sofia really loved the musical! In between the musical numbers when the lights would go dark she would be the first one clapping! She was tapping her feet and hands to the beat and just really loved the experience. It was a lot of fun getting to see her experience her first Musical.

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After we left the show on the way out of the park I found a hidden Mickey for Alex!

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Sofia had yet another fun filled and action packed day that she just could not keep her eyes open! Anyone who knows Sofia knows just how unusual this is.  We let her sleep for a bit and then went to Hollywood Studios to have dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater. It was so cool. When you went in it looked as if you were at a drive-in. You actually get to sit at a table that looks like a car! They had a privacy fence around the walls to look like the old Drive-in and had the speakers at the tables and old Sci-Fi films playing. We had burgers and fries and Shakes and it was really a cool experience. When we got finished with dinner the park was closed and we got to the bus stop just in time to catch a bus back to our condo to rest up for tomorrow!

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