Sofia’s Character Day


Today we got up with a mission to find Snow White! Sofia wanted to get her autograph and get a picture with her. When we got there we were a little early so we waited in line. Sofia was so patient and just waited and waited and when she arrived you would have thought that Santa had just shown up! She was so excited and nervous that she just did not know what to do. We got a photo of her but as you can see she is not really sure that she could actually be standing that close to Snow White!!!

Jan 28 001.JPG Jan 28 002.JPG

After meeting Snow White we went to have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Libby had told me that it was worth it to see all of the characters in one place so we thought we would try it. When we got there we waited for a bit then sat down and up came Goofy! Sofia was so excited to have everyone all in the same place. She ate a lot of her breakfast but was more interested in what was going on. After Goofy came Chef Mickey then Pluto gave her such a big hug that we could not even see her anymore! Mini was next and she was very cute but Sofia really loved Donald. When he came by she said “what’s the big idea” just like he does, and he kissed her hand because she was a princess. She really enjoyed that breakfast and it was worth it to not stand in lines!

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We decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom after breakfast and Sofia was ready to ride some more rides! She really enjoyed the rides from the first time through so we had to do some of them again! The first new one we tried was Aladdin’s flying carpet ride. It was a lot of fun but we had a lot to see so we went on to the Frontier Land where we saw a replica of the Liberty Bell.  Then it was off to It’s a small world, the carousel, and the Dumbo ride again. John was such a good daddy and waited in line to see Ariel while we rode the Dumbo ride so that we did not have that long of a wait to see Ariel. Sofia had really loosened up about meeting the characters at that point and when Ariel asked who her dwarfs were that were with her she said that John was Dopey! She and Ariel thought that was very funny! Ariel also gave Sofia a kiss on the cheek and she thought that was very special.

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The tea cups were one of her favorite rides from the first time through so we had to do that again and also the rollercoaster at Goofy’s barn.  Savanna had told us about this ride and Sofia really liked it too. It is a kid sized roller coaster but you would think that it was the Space Mountain ride from the screams of excitement and fun that Sofia and apparently Savanna made.  It was really cute.

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When we finished ridding all the rides again we decided to get on a bus and go check out Hollywood Studio’s.  We arrived there just in time to see the Playhouse Disney Live show! It was very cool and Sofia just loved it! She was clapping and got up and danced and sang the songs and just really had a great time! When we got out of the show they had it set up to meet a lot of the characters so we got in line and started the adventure. Sofia was practically dragging us to meet Leo from Little Einstein’s, then she saw Handy Manny and when she got up to him she said hola and then told them that her cousin Oliver really loves him! Which was a big deal since the only thing that she had been able to get out to any one before that was thank you and what’s the big idea to Donald! She then got to see Quincy and June. When she saw Bolt the wonder dog she about flipped out! She has been acting like him since we saw the movie in November! He was very funny and when it was her turn he peaked around the corner at her and she laughed and then when she got up to him he danced with her! She then did her supper bark for him like he did in the show and he acted like it blew him away! She really loved that. We then got to see Chip and Dale and she was not too sure about them so we moved on and went to ride on more rides! The Toy Story Mania! The wait time on it was 55 minutes and they had been out of the fast passes since 11:00 that morning! We waited and it was a really neat ride that she really enjoyed and we will probably go do again tomorrow! On the way out we got to see Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. and then it was time for the park to close so we headed back to the Condo to get some rest for tomorrow’s big adventure!  Mom & Dad drove over to visit with Aunt Peggy & Uncle Harry today but will be joining us again tomorrow.

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