Sofia’s Hollywood Adventure


Today when we woke up it was raining for the first time since we began this great adventure, so we all decided that we should just take that as a sign that we needed to go back to bed to get a little more rest. When it stopped raining we were all ready to head out for the day so we got on the bus and headed for Hollywood Studio’s! When we got to Hollywood Studio’s John raced ahead to get us tickets for the Toy Story Mania ride. We had seen the day before that the rides fast passes were all out by 11:00 am for the entire day! While the rest of us waited for him to get back to the front we strolled through the gardens that are all so beautifully manicured. Mom’s favorite was the garden that had the magical brooms from Fantasia that looked as if they were throwing buckets of flowers instead of buckets of water. It is all so well put together and beautifully imaginative that it is inspiring to create something.

Jan 29 002.JPG Jan 29 003.JPG

When John met up with us we headed back to go on the ride. It is all so realistic that it makes you feel like you must be a toy too. Everything is oversized and you are surrounded by every toy imaginable, like monkeys in a barrel are hanging from the tops of the buildings making a chain across to the next building. The toy soldiers are holding up a giant scrabble board that spell out the words Toy Story Mania. There are huge tinker toys, crayons, board games like candy land, chutes and ladders, and checkers. At the end of the line there is a huge Mr. Potato head that is standing on a stage telling jokes like a standup comedian. It was all very cute and exciting. The ride was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it.

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After the ride we walked a bit further and found a play area that was made to look like the set from Honey I shrunk the Kids. There was a giant oatmeal cream cookie, huge bugs, toys, a water sprinkler and between two huge blades of grass was a spider web made of rope. Sofia loved this web, she went up and down and up and down and then finally found a slide that she liked also that was shaped like a leaf. She ran all over the place and burned off some energy from standing in lines.

Jan 29 018.JPG Jan 29 020.JPG


When we finally got Sofia out of the play area we went around the corner and Lighting McQueen and Mater were there so we got a picture for Oliver.

Jan 29 027.JPG

We continued to walk down the street to try to find a snack to eat and we saw this snowman that we had to get our picture with. We put Sofia’s Pluto hat on him to give him a little character! Ha! We found an ice cream stand and Papa tried to steal some of Sofia’s! She quickly moved out of the way and finished it off!  You have to be quick around Papa and ice cream!

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After going through all of Hollywood Studio’s we decided to go back to the condo and get cleaned up and ready for dinner. Sofia loves to be nakie as she say’s so she sat on the bed while we got her all dolled up with her crown and princess hair style. It started to rain again but we decided to go to Downtown Disney anyway to have dinner at Raglan’s Road Irish Pub. The atmosphere was cool but the food left a lot to be desired. After dinner we went shopping in several stores. The Lego store was cool they had life sized people made of Lego’s and a Loch Ness Monster that must have been at least 20’ tall in the lake all made out of Lego’s! After we left that store we went to the largest Disney Store in the world! We all had a great time going through everything there. Papa got Sofia a set of dwarfs to complete her look! Ha Ha! We found a perfect Christmas ornament for our family tree at the Christmas store, and lots and lots of candy at Goofy’s candy shop. We headed back to the condo to call it a night after playing in the rain for so long we all looked like wet rats. Papa decided to play a game with Sofia so he hid all of the dwarfs around the condo with pieces of taffy by each one. She loved it! Each time she found one she would gasp in delight and say look, look! I found one! We could even hear her gasp in the other rooms! It was very cute and she loved it so much she hid them again for herself! Ha Ha! It was a perfect end to yet another magical day!

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