Sofia’s Favorites Finale!


Today was devoted to going back through all of our favorites and making sure we did not miss anything and boy were we exhausted by the end of the day! We started out a little late due to rain but made it over to the Magic Kingdom just in time for a great lunch at Tony’s Italian Restaurant that was the place where Lady and the Tramps famous dinner for two took place. After lunch we went over to the hat shop and got Sofia her first pair of Mickey Ears. You could pick from any color and style that you could imagine and the ones she wanted were the original black with the red Mickey logo in the center. She wanted her name put on the back in pink so we had them embroider it and she was thrilled. After her and Dad had their hats we went to ride the train. We rode it over to Frontier land where we watched a show called the country bears. It was funny and Sofia liked it. She really loves any kind of singing and dancing show we have found. She loves to clap in between scenes and tap her feet to the beat! I am very excited to have found someone to take to the many musicals that play in the area. When the show was out we found our way to a store that we found lots of cute things. We showed Sofia a few items that we thought she would like to have and she must have thought we were making her choose because the only thing she wanted was a pair of Minnie Mouse gloves that mom found. They had the cutest shoes and purse that went with them but she just wanted those gloves.

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We headed on to Adventure Land and went on the Jungle Cruise that I remember going on when I was little. Our guide was funny and Sofia really liked it. We then had to revisit the Aladdin’s magic carpet ride again because she liked it from the first time through.

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After the carpet ride and of course a quick stop at the ice cream stand to get some pineapple ice cream we went to Fantasy Land which is by far Sofia’s favorite land in the Magic Kingdom. We of course had to go back through It’s a small world ride for the 4th time! She really loved this one. She was in awe every time we went through and would point to something new that she had not seen before. I think that she could have gone through a hundred more times. We then headed off to ride the carousel (which I found out later she was upset that I did not let her ride by herself) and the flying Dumbo ride. There was always quite a line for the Dumbo ride so while John and Sofia waited in line we watched the Parade of Dreams go by as we stood in the entry of the castle! It was all so magical and overwhelming to be standing there watching the parade that I can remember standing watching when I was a young girl knowing then in my heart that dreams do come true. I felt so happy and completely content with life that it just burst out through tears of joy! I have always felt so grateful to my parents for instilling that thought in me that anything can happen and dreams do come true. I hope that I can give Sofia that same feeling of the world is yours. And in my opinion there is no better proof of that than at Disney!

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When the parade was over we went back to the Dumbo ride and John and Sofia had just gotten on so we watched her happy little face circle around in the air and then went on to watch her ride her next favorite the tea cups! Papa and Granny both braved this one with her this time! John went a got in line to ride the race cars and when she got off the tea cups it was almost time to ride the race cars. She got in and you could barely see her Mickey Ears over the steering wheel of the car! She said she went super fast and drove all by herself! After the car ride we were off to her other favorite the Goofy’s Barnstormer rollercoaster! She loved this and thought she was a big girl like Savanna that we had been told screamed all the way through it because that is what you are supposed to do on a rollercoaster! When she finished that we went over to Pluto’s house and she pretended to be Pluto with another little girl. We could see we were running out of time so we headed off to the last ride in the Magic Kingdom Buzz Lightyear’s space adventure. We had been given another set of fast passes by someone on the monorail so we used those to not wait in line and before you know it we were on our way and the ride was over! When we started heading up to the front we caught the story time with Belle, which was very cute and stopped to eat some popcorn but Sofia thought she should feed the ducks instead of herself and got a big kick out of that. On the way out the front we stopped to finally get her the princess balloon that she had asked us for from the first day we got there.

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When we left the Magic Kingdom we headed off to Epcot to see a few more things there and we rode the monorail to get there. We rode the Spaceship Earth ride again and went on a couple of more rides before heading off to Germany for dinner. We had a German buffet with so much good food, and also saw a show in the restaurant where they sang and played traditional musical instruments. Sofia just couldn’t make it through dinner though, as it had been a very busy and fun day. John carried her out and she was asleep before she got to the front door! I couldn’t even begin to guess how many steps those little feet had taken today! It was a great final day in Disneyworld.

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As Mickey would say…  See Ya Real Soon!