Sofia’s First Beach Trip!


Today Sofia got to see the ocean for the first time! We headed out this morning from Old Key West Resort in Disney World and drove to Cocoa Beach. We went straight to the Ron Jon surf shop. It is a cool shop that we went to on one of our first trips to Florida many, many years ago. The shop has changed drastically over the years. The last time I was there it was a little hole in the wall place that we got some cool t-shirts at.  Now it is a huge shop that takes up almost a city block and even has a resort named after it! It was really neat to go there and get Sofia and John their first Ron Jon shirts! We were a little hungry when we got there so we were told by the guy behind the counter that there was a dive of a place in the building behind them so we went over there and he was right, but that is just the kind of place we all like especially on a beach overlooking the ocean! Any time we are sitting in that kind of setting our minds start to wander and dream of the life of living on the ocean! We ordered our usual beach appetizer which is Conch Fritters of course, and they were good! I had a taco salad that was the biggest one I had ever seen.

Jan 31 009.JPG Jan 31 010.JPG

 After we ate we went down to the beach and walked around and put our feet in. It was very windy and a little chilly so we did not stay long. Sofia is definitely our girl, she could have stayed there all day!

Jan 31 012.JPG  Jan 31 013.JPG

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We tore Sofia away from the water and got the sand off of her feet and went back to Ron Jon shop to get our t-shirts. There are so many to choose from that it is unreal! Mom and Dad found a swim suit that fit Sofia in size and personality perfectly! She loved it from the minute they showed it to her and just had to put it on right then. It looked really cute so now she has a super cute swim suit.  We looked through all of the shirts and found the ones that fit each of us in style and size and were on our way again.

Jan 31 023.JPG Jan 31 024.JPG

When we started heading back to Orlando to get checked in to the Hotel for the night we passed by the port that had the Disney Cruise ship in. We took pictures because it is just so cool! John and I decided that will be our next big trip with Sofia! It had a giant Goofy hanging off the back painting the logo on. It is the little or I should say huge details that just blow my mind with Disney. They really think of everything.

Jan 31 025.JPG Jan 31 026.JPG

At the hotel we decided to get in the hot tub for a while before we headed off to dinner and then to return the car.  We have had such a great vacation that words really cannot describe all of what we have seen, done and felt in this week. It was more than I could have ever dreamed and I will cherish and remember every moment for as long as I live!

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