Milan Ė December 3rd, 4th, & 5th

We arrived in Milan train station and caught a taxi to a hotel that I had found on the I-phone. Itís the Hotel Brunelleschi. It is only a couple of blocks from the Duomo and all the shopping anyone could ever want.When we got to our room we were pleasantly surprised at the size. Most hotels in Europe are so small you can hardly turn around in and the bathrooms are even smaller. This room however is very nice. We even have a huge tub instead of just a shower.


After unpacking we left the hotel and walked to the Duomo area and were just shocked at the most ornate exterior of a church that we had ever seen. From the street level the marble looks lacy. The marble also has several different shades of green to pink marble. Itís very beautiful. These pictures donít do it justice at all.




The interior was a little dark for our camera to get really good pictures but the huge marble columns and stained glass windows were massive. The entire floor was iatrical patterns of inlaid marble.



We walked around the city and shopped and took pictures of statues and fountains. We walked a long way and found our way back to the area of our hotel. It was fun just wandering around taking different streets that looked interesting with no place to have to be.




The Galleria shopping area is right next to the Duomo and we took several pictures in here for Brandy. There is a center area that has all the fancy shops on three of the corners and then a McDonalds on the fourth!! She would be appalled. Ha In front of the Prada store there is a bull in the marble floor and itís tradition to step on the privates of the bull and take a spin. It is worn out from so many people doing that. We have a picture of Brandy doing this so I had to too! Ha




It still seems wrong to have a McDonalds in these kinds of places!



Here is a picture of the hotel that Brandy will be staying at the next time she comes here! HaHa


This last picture is of a candy store. All of things you see in the window are candy and not fruit. It is Marzipan. It looks like real fruit and vegetables. We bought one that looked like cherries. Tony liked it, but I didnít care for it much.


We have had a good time here, and this evening we have an appointment to go see the painting of the Last Supper. We wonít be able to take any pictures in there. We have had the appointment since October and we can only stay in there for 15 minutes, so we are really looking forward to being able to getting to go. They say it wonít be open to the public much longer because of deterioration. We leave first thing in the morning for the Good Olí U.S.A. !!

See you in New YorkÖ

Tony & Candy