Mykonos, Greece 11-16-08

We arrived in Mykonos around noon and decided to let everyone else off the ship before heading to town. We took a shuttle bus from the ship to town and then walked the rest of the way. The island is rocky with all white buildings trimmed in blue, red, yellow or green but mostly blue.

A little history on Mykonos, it belongs to the island group known as the Cyclades. Seen from a distance, the Cyclades resemble a necklace of gems on a deep blue satin. Following the 4th crusade, the islands fell under the control of the Venetian Republic, and served as outpost of Venice until the Turkish navy captured them in the 16th Century. There is a section of the city known here today as Little Venice where we ate our lunch. There was always a danger of invasion by pirates, so the town and harbor are compactly built for defense. The tight winding maze of streets was designed to confuse invaders, but it also does well to break the effects of the strong winds coming in from the Aegean Sea. From as early as the 16th Century one of the most recognized landmarks of Mykonos have been its windmills. The need to refine grain and compact it for transport combined with an ample year round supply of wind made Mykonos the perfect location.


For the first time in days we just took our time and strolled along the coastline and took pictures and shopped in all the tiny stores.

P1030661.JPG  P1030652.JPG

There were lots of little churches around every corner.

P1030640.JPG P1030663.JPG

Mykonos primarily is a fishing / tourist village today and it has spectacular views of the beautiful clear royal blue sea.

P1030638.JPG P1030664.JPG

We decided to eat in an area called Little Venice at a place called Katrina’s. Which was right around the corner from a bar and nightclub called Jackie O. I got a call from Brandy while we were eating in Katrina’s and was standing on the blue balcony above the Katrina sign.

P1030660.JPG P1030644.JPG

We had an unbelievable lunch! We started off with the house white wine made in Santorini. Then we had a plate with a big hunk of crusty bread covered in tomato, mint, feta cheese, and olive oil. We also had tzeiki?(sp) a very creamy cucumber yogurt with olive oil and olives. Then we had Mousaka, layered from the bottom was roasted potato, then zucchini, eggplant, spiced beef, and topped with mashed potato and cheese. It was wonderful.

P1030666.JPG  P1030667.JPG

P1030670.JPG P1030669.JPG

The next two pictures are as we were heading back to the ship. I decided I had to stick my toe in the Aegean Sea. Then my feet were all sandy! Ha

 P1030673.JPG P1030674.JPG

These pictures are from our balcony on the ship getting ready to depart Mykonos. I was relaxing and enjoying my Birthday. We went to a show later in the evening that was a crew talent show. It was a very fun and relaxing day. Tomorrow is all day at sea.

P1030639.JPG P1030628.JPG

See you in Egypt…