Milan to New York – 12-05 & 06, 2008

For our last night in Milan, we went to see the painting of the Last Supper. It was really something to see too! When we got there we got our tickets and had to wait. They only let a few people at a time in and you have to have reservations. Like I said before we made our reservations in October and we were in the next to last group on Dec. 5th. We sat in a small room until our turn came then our group entered a hallway with doors in front of us and behind us that closed. Then another set of doors did the same thing. I think it is to remove as much dust as possible from entering the room as possible. We thought the painting might be like the Mona Lisa. When we got to see it we were surprised at how small it was, but the Last Supper was a big wall with the painting covering the whole thing. We also thought we would look for a minute or two and be done, but before we knew it the buzzer sounded and our 15 minutes was up! We all had to enter the same kinds of closed rooms to exit as we did entering. The pictures of the church where the painting is didn’t come out well as it was dark but here are the ones we did get any way.

P1040452.JPG P1040454.JPG


When we left the church, we walked a few blocks before we could find a taxi to take us back to the Duomo area where our hotel was. We went to a restaurant across the street from our hotel to eat our “Last Supper In Italy” Ha. It was really good, and Tony took pictures of the hams they had at the counter. They slice off a hunk and cook it up for you!

P1040456.JPG P1040457.JPG


When we got to the airport this morning we couldn’t believe that an international flight was taking off from the ground floor. We thought that surely they would have a ramp to get onto the plane! We were so surprised to find out that we had to get on a bus and drive out to the plane and then carry our bags up a flight of stairs to get on the plane!! We don’t do that even at our little airport in Bentonville. We got served lunch almost as soon as we took off and of all things the menu was Italian! We have had about enough of that. Ha We had wine with lunch and then took a nap.

P1040459.JPG P1040471.JPG


Tony got some good pictures of the Alps as we were taking off. Words can’t describe how magnificent they are when you can see them from the air.

P1040465.JPG P1040468.JPG

He also got a few pictures of New York as we were coming in but the weather wasn’t very good. Maybe when we leave Monday it will be better.


When we got to the hotel we dropped our bags and headed out to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. We are staying at 44th St. and 5th Ave. and the tree is at 51st and 5th. We walked with me hanging on for dear life to Tony through a wall of people! Ha It really is a sight to behold when you round the corner and see that tree!


P1040480.JPG P1040481.JPG

P1040483.JPG P1040484.JPG

The next few pictures are of Saks Fifth Ave. Store inside and the window dressings on the outside. We had to stand in line a long time half way around the block to see the windows on the outside but it was worth it. We didn’t get too cold as there were so many people, no wind could get to you! Ha

P1040487.JPG P1040489.JPG

P1040490.JPG P1040491.JPG

P1040496.JPG P1040499.JPG


We saw Mickey Mouse and I had my picture taken with him and told him we would be seeing him in January and would bring Sofia to see him! We saw Santa too.

P1040506.JPG P1040503.JPG

We walked for a few more blocks and had a hot dog on a corner with mustard on it. It was good too. We decided to call it a day as we have been up since 6:30 Milan time which makes it about 23 or 24 hours now. Plus we wanted to watch some TV that wasn’t CNN. That is the only channel we have seen since we left home. I am in search of pastrami on rye tomorrow. Will let you know how that comes out.

Until then…

Tony & Candy