New York 12-07-08

We woke up this morning at 6:00am and couldnít go back to sleep. I guess we were still on Italy time. We had enough sleep, but nothing was happening outside yet and we knew that the stores didnít open up until around 11:00AM. We watched some TV and saw mentions of this being the 7th of December the day of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I wonder how long it will be before we barely get a mention of 9/11. When we were standing in line today a woman ahead of us had her purchase total to $9.11 and everyone around said OH! I think she wanted to buy something else so that the total would be different.

We walked from 44th St. and 6th to 55th & 7th to Carnegie Deli it was only 9:00am but I was going to have my pastrami on rye and potato salad. Tony had a fried bologna and egg sandwich. The walls were covered with stars that have eaten there. I couldnít eat half of what I got but it sure was good!


We took pictures of Times Square along the way.



We didnít realize it at the time but one of the signs on Times Square had an advertisement for 17 and counting, about a family that lives near us in Tonitown, AR that has 17 kids and the wife is expecting the 18th any day now. We have run into this family in Wal-Mart before and the Dad is a politician that canít get elected. I think itís because everyone looks at 17-18 kids and says I donít want to support that!! Ha


After we left the Deli we headed to F.A.O. Swartz Toy Store. We saw Central Park as we were walking but only for about a block. It was freezing outside and we only had brought clothes for a mild temperature so we had on about everything we had packed layered and layered! Ha It was spitting snow and the wind was bitter. When we got to the toy store there was a line to get in. The next few pictures are windows along the way and then the toy store. One picture of me is with a toy soldier that is made entirely out of jelly beans!



After leaving we took a picture of the line of people waiting to get into the store! Not to mention the line we stood in to check out with what we bought.


We started walking back towards our hotel and the next few pictures are of the window dressings that we saw along the way. The one with the white peacock is from Tiffanyís and then Disney, Trump Tower, and of course Brandyís favorite Cartierís. Their window consisted of just the famous red box.







We went back to our hotel for a rest and to drop off our bags. It was only 11:00 AM and we had the whole day left! Ha We headed out another 10 to 15 blocks in the other direction to Macyís. I have always wanted to go there. This town really knows how to decorate for Christmas. Our first glimpse of Macyís gave me goose bumps. I canít tell you how many times Iíve watch that movie Miracle on 34th St. and wondered what it would be like to stand in there. I was like a little kid in a candy store! Ha We took lots of pictures of the window dressings. They all were animated with speakers telling a story about how Christmas ornaments are made and read a letter to Santa from Virginia saying I Believe. When we went inside it took my breath away. We started going up escalators to get to the top floor and worked our way down. We got to one floor that had table linens and they were having a half off sale with another 15% off of that. We looked and looked for a table cloth that would fit our table and finally called Brandy and Libby to see what would fit. Libby said she knew our table was square! HaHa We ended up buying two and will either have them altered or make the two fit somehow. We also saw the actual Times Square Ball that drops in Times Square on one floor. It is made by Waterford and this is the 100th anniversary of the ball drop. I was excited to get my picture with that ball!






They still have the old original escalators that are made of wood and sound like a train and are so much smaller than what you usually see today, it only added to the magic.



We took a taxi back to the hotel and rested again for a few minutes, then went down the street to a Mexican restaurant and then to Times Square to get pictures at night. It was windy and so cold that we only took a few pictures, but I ran into Dora and Elmo and had my picture taken with them.


The above picture is of the Empire State Building.



This is the last night of our big adventure and what a great time we have had! We have loved every minute of it, but canít wait to get back to our little country road where there is no traffic after 7:00pm and no sirens or honking horns. We canít wait to see the kids and grandkids.

See you in HiwasseÖ

Tony & Candy