Rome Day 2 Ė 11/27/08

When we got up this morning we took a taxi straight to the Vatican. We were surprised that there was no line at all to get in to the Sistine!! What luck we had. We bought tickets to go through the museums and an audio guide. We started in the Egyptian wing and for a while we werenít sure which way to go as there were no long lines of people to follow. The next few pictures are of the view we had at the top looking out at the city of Rome.

The next few pictures are of the ceilings in the museum. We couldnít take any pictures in the Sistine Chapel but we sure saw plenty of frescoís before we got there. Of course we canít put in all of the pictures we took, but Iíve tried to pick out some of the best. We have walked miles today and up and down so many stairs I couldnít begin to count. It was all so beautiful, but so much that your mind canít take it all in. Besides the ceilings the floors are all marble and intricate in design but you just canít help but keep looking up! Ha

The next pictures are of tapestries that were so huge! The room was kind of dark, Iím sure to protect them from the sun. I think I appreciated them more after being at the rug factory in Turkey and saw what kind of work it took to make something like that and we only saw rugs that would fit an ordinary room.

After leaving the Sistine, we had to wait over an hour to get in to St. Peterís Basicilla. It was sure worth the wait though. Tony took some pictures outside of the Basicilla while we were waiting.

The next two pictures are of inside St. Peterís, one is of Dad pretending to come out of a confessional booth! Ha and the other is of St. Peters Tomb.

The next pictures are of Dad & I in front of a mosaic tile in the Vatican and of the Vatican from a distance as we walked toward Castel San Angelo.

We just walked around the Castel San Angelo and then caught a cab to the Forum area.

We walked across the Trevere river bridge.

At the Forum we walked up a huge hill only to find that the path didnít go through but there was a quaint little church at the top. I huffed and puffed my way to the top of that hill too! Ha We went back down and found out the entrance to the Forum was 300 meters away. When we entered through the gates I had to use the restroom and stood in line for what seemed like an hour, but was probably more like a half hour as there was only one! Then we climbed up the back side of the hill we had just come down! Ha We walked through all the ruins and came back to the hotel.

At the end of the trail through the ruins was a big arch of Titus. This was the triumphant arch built for the returning soldiers after conquering the Jews. On the inside is a carving of the Jewish Menorah that was seized and brought back to Rome.

The last picture is of Dad and me while walking around the ruins. We went to a restaurant for dinner that Tony and I had gone to while here before but it wasnít as good this time, so we were disappointed for the first time with our meal.

Rome 11-28-08

Not much to put in here today, when we woke up it was raining and has continued off and on all day. We tried several times to get out. We tried to find a tour bus to just ride around in. We wanted to keep out of the rain, but there were no busses running that we could find. We went by the Wedding Cake building, we then took a cab to the Spanish Steps. It was too wet to sit to take a picture.

We walked down the famous Via Condotti to just window shop! We went into the oldest Cafť in Rome that Brandy & John had told us about when they had gone there. We had a croissant and a soda. Then walked a little further down the street and saw a Christmas Tree with Mercedes ornaments all over it! We had to take a picture of that.

We took a cab back to the Vatican and went through the other museum that we missed yesterday. We were getting soaked it was raining so hard. So we decided to just call it a day and have the cab driver stop at a candy shop we had heard about on the way back to the hotel. We were looking for licorice but they didnít have any. We bought come chocolate and walked back to the hotel. This was a real old fashioned candy shop that smelled so good. They were making up Christmas boxes and Tony got some gum drops.

After we got back to the hotel we rested for a while and then walked to a place around the corner to have dinner. It was pretty good. Dad had ordered scallops and got scalloped veal instead, but it was good. It was raining so hard when we got ready to leave that we had to just sit and wait to walk back to the hotel. I hate it that Dadís last day was so rainy but, we did have several really great days. We will miss him when he leaves tomorrow. We are going to the airport with him to make sure they put him on the right flight! He is probably getting sick of being watched over like a hawk! Ha Weíre not sure what we are doing yet after he leaves so it will be a surprise to us both when you hear from us next.


Tony, Candy, & Gene