Sicily Day 411-08-08


In Search Of The Godfather !

P1030055.JPGWe started out from our hotel this morning around 9:00 and headed north towards Savoca. We were in search of Bar Vitelli, the famous bar scene from the Godfather movie. Every one we talked to about where this Bar was would look at us like they didnít know what we were talking about. I couldnít find directions anywhere on the internet, only vague directions that our GPS didnít like! So we knew that it was going to be an adventurous quest but we were determined! I had some doubts though as all these villages are off the beaten track and hard to get too and no signs! Along the way we saw some beautiful oceanfront views from along the coastal highway. One of the first towns we came to was Aleíssio shown in this picture. From here we headed up a winding road with lots of hairpin curves to the mountain town of Forza dí Agro. We knew that was the town that the church where Michael and Apollionia were married. We parked the car and walked up a hill, and saw the church The town was very quiet, and we only saw a few people, all of them looking at us with that Godfather stare! Ha The church was beautiful but very simple. I was thrilled that we had found it, at least we had seen something from one of our favorite movies.


Thatís me looking at it and playing the movie scene in my mind. From there we headed back down the mountain with my eyes closed to try and find the Bar Vitelli. We came into a village at the bottom of the mountain and stopped to get a coke and try to figure out where we were. No one spoke any English so no help there. We walked along the beach and instead of sand, there were pebbles. We took a closer look and the pebbles were all colors of marble all polished smooth from the ocean. We picked up a pink one and a white one for Savanna. The water was cold but some people were out with bikinis! From here you can see the Toe of Italy. We just drove around for a while and ran into several dead ends and Tony said he had a gut feeling that it was up on a mountain side and not down by the ocean. We headed up the mountain with lots of switchbacks and hairpin curves straight up. The road was two lanes but in reality it was only made for half of one car, so you can imagine the stress I was putting Tony under! Ha We came into the village and turned the corner and I spotted BAR VITELLI!!



It was almost siesta time and it was just our luck that the bar was closed, however the owner of the bar was standing outside. We asked her if we could take her picture and she nodded yes, so I jumped in and stood by her. I was so excited. We asked her when the bar opened and didnít understand what she said, but she motioned with her hands for us to walk around the town and come back at 3:00! Ha


I was so happy, happy, happy. We did it! Two Arkies on a mission and we canít be stopped.

We walked across the street and found a place with pizza. We knew we had to have pizza before we left Sicily so we each got a piece and Tony also got another canolli, (for John) and sat and just looked at the Bar Vitelli.


We drove on some more very narrow roads and saw some unbelievable vistas. The street was so narrow at one point that I was sure our little car wouldnít fit through the passage way. It did but just barely. On the side of one hill we spotted a Bob Cat mini-track excavator. Tony laughed and said ďAnd we think we have it bad in Arkansas!Ē Ha

Sicily Bob Cat.jpg

We headed back down the mountain and back towards Catania with mission accomplished!

P1030058.JPG†††††††††††††† P1030085.JPG

Tomorrow we head to Rome. I donít know what the internet service will be like at the hotel we are going to but we will be back with more as soon as we can. Once we get on the ship on the 10th it may be a while before you hear from us. Tony & Candy signing off from Sicily.