Egypt to Venice 11-23-08

Our trip back from Egypt was running smoothly two days at sea, time to relax. On Saturday we passed thru the Messina Straits and saw on Sicily where we had been earlier. We could clearly see Mt. Etna which had been fogged in when we were on Sicily. We passed through the straits around noon headed towards Rome. Around 2:00pm we went by the volcano island of Stromboli, pictured below.


Shortly after seeing the volcano, the seas began to get rough. We stayed in the cabin all day fighting a little sea sickness. Around midnight there was a huge crash that threw Tony & I up in the air out of bed!! Things were being tossed all around the room but nothing broke. The engines stopped and the ship drifted for about 45 min. in the total darkness in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night! It was a little scary for a bit. The captain came on the intercom and asked everyone to stay in their cabins and hold on. The next morning we were told that we were going to be late getting to Rome. We were supposed to arrive at 4:00am and weren’t expected to arrive until 2:30pm. We did arrive around 12:30pm. We found out that the ship had lost a stabilizer and one engine, and was listing and limping into port at about 5 knots instead of 22. We were lucky to have “elite friends” that were able to get us off the ship ahead of the masses and arrange for a private shuttle to Rome. We were then able to catch a train to Milan and arrived at our hotel about 9:00pm. We got up and went to the airport Sunday morning to meet Dad. His plane got in on time and we met as soon as he came through the gate. The picture below is from the Milan airport of the Alps and of Dad arriving.

P1030971.JPG P1030972.JPG

We caught the shuttle bus to the Milan train station and headed towards Venice. The pictures below are of us at the Milan train station and having lunch on the train.

P1030975.JPG P1030977.JPG


We arrived in Venice around 3:30 and caught a water taxi and got off at the wrong stop. We wandered through Venice for about an hour looking for our hotel. We finally found it and had some wine and a little rest before heading out to dinner. We had been to this restaurant before and it is known for its seafood. Dad had Sea Bass, and I’m not sure what Tony & I had, but it was all delicious. We had a water taxi pick us up at our hotel and in the picture of us having wine you can see the little half door that we went through to get into the boat.

P1030983.JPG P1030985.JPG


P1030994.JPG P1030998.JPG

P1040002.JPG P1040004.JPG


We are all very tired and especially Dad as he has travelled the furthest today and after dragging luggage all through Venice I think we need to get to bed early and hit the streets first thing in the morning. We will be back for more as soon as we can.

See you in Florence

Tony & Candy & Gene