Venice to Florence – 11-24-08

There was so much that I meant to talk about yesterday but my brain fried! Ha The hotel we were staying in was beautiful. The building was built in the year 1000. The original wood beam ceilings were still in place. It was called Locanda Orseolo and if you want to see it go to and after we first checked into our rooms we opened the windows and looked down and we had canal rooms. Ours was directly over Dad’s and it was really cool to look straight down and see his head looking out too! Ha As we were looking, a gondola went right under us with an accordion player and a gondolier singing to a group in his gondola. There were lots that went by. We were on a small canal so it all echoed off the walls and we thought, how much more Venice can you get? Our rooms had hand painted murals on the walls that were whimsical and really cool.

The water taxi ride that we took to dinner was like a limo on water! It had soft lighting inside and cream colored tufted leather seats and teak wood everywhere else. It took about 10 min. to get to the restaurant and we could see Venice at night that way. We had a leisurely dinner. When we sat down they brought us a glass of Preseco, and we got a bottle of white wine. You could see from the appetizers that it was not only beautiful but very good too. Mine had fresh sardines under an onion kraut.

This morning we got up and went downstairs to breakfast and looked out the window and it was snowing!!! They said it is very rare for it to snow in Venice. We decided to walk around and shop a little, but got stopped in our tracks by the San Marco Square being flooded! We tried to find alternate routes but kept running into water. Dad walked out on the temporary raised walkway in San Marco Square, I thought he was going to just keep on going! Ha

We bought one thing in a little shop and decided to head onto Florence as the weather wasn’t going to change. We went back to the hotel and asked if they could call us a water taxi to the train station because we couldn’t imagine walking in ankle deep water pulling our luggage through that for blocks and blocks. They said they couldn’t get one to the hotel because the water was too high, but he would get someone to help us to get to the Rialto Bridge station where a water taxi could then take us to the train station. Along the way we saw shops that we would have loved to stopped in, like the meat shop, and sweet shop. Dad & I saw this long rope of black licorice, but we kept going. Below are some pictures we took this morning around San Marco and one with the Christmas decorations up. The one of Tony and I is while we were going under the Rialto Bridge, Dad tried to catch us kissing.



We are on the train now for Florence and should get in there around 2:00 today and it’s still snowing and there is about an inch or so on the ground! I hope it doesn’t follow us. These last two pictures are of Dad looking at our journal while we are on the train and the snow outside!


We had a very smooth train ride to Florence, it snowed on and off the whole way here and has been a rainy cold day. We have still had lots of fun though. We checked into a great hotel real close to Ponte Vecchio Bridge and the Duomo. If you want to see it go to Then we headed out to stroll around. We had our pictures taken in front of the gold doors that Brandy loves near the Duomo.





We first stopped for pizza and then a gelato. Dad had café and Tony had caramel. We window shopped our way to Ponte Vecchio.


Dad kept stopping at sweet shops but just to look so far! Ha

The below pictures are of us just walking around Florence.


Then we went to an outdoor leather goods market. We rubbed the bronze pig’s nose for good luck and then Dad bought himself a leather belt. We then went back to the hotel for a little rest and out for dinner. It was only a block or two away. We had a great anti-pasti plate, with salami, pesto, Parma ham, and a fried cheese. Then Tony had lasagna, Dad had risotto with artichokes and cranberries, and I had a cabbage stew. We all split a second plate that was wild boar in a mushroom sauce. We had a bottle of house red wine and after Tony ordered a crème Brule. Then they brought us a Lemonchello on the house! It was a good meal, and then we took a walk for several blocks and came back to the hotel. We are staying here for another night then heading to Rome. So we will post again tomorrow about what all we see here in Florence.



On the way back to the hotel Dad decided he would just drive this car back!! HaHa

More on Florence tomorrow…

Tony, Candy & Gene